Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2019

By: Gina Lee De Freitas

Projected Marketing Trends That May Make Or Break Your Brand

Technology development is both a blessing and a curse; it’s difficult to predict which marketing methods consumers will utilize throughout the year. Just when marketers believe they have solidified their audiences, everything shifts due to new technology or new behaviors adapted by the public. Therefore, it is extremely important for marketers to pay attention to foreseeable trends, analyze their consumers’ current behaviors and keep tabs on how technology is evolving. The following trends should be kept top of mind:

AI Continues to Grow: Artificial intelligence is on the rise and there is no prediction that it will stop anytime soon. AI is important because it grasps the attention of consumers, molds their thoughts and changes their everyday lifestyle to create a more user-friendly world. Today, we see AI taking advanced forms of machine learning, creating services that make data analysis more accessible and performing tasks that humans struggle with. Not only is AI important from a technological perspective, it is important for logistics, too. AI can be utilized to track online behavior and predict consumer trends.

Security or Scam: Jumping off the idea of AI growing in the consumer space, many consumers are questioning whether their data is truly secure or if it is being compromised. To ensure safety, talk to your consumers about the ways you are protecting their information from hacks, leaks and theft. If the consumer is educated about your commitment to data security, you can continue to build a strong bond of loyalty and trust with your consumers.

GenZ, the New Market: Millennials are old news. It is imperative to remember that GenZ is getting older and starting to enter the workforce. It's impossible to make monolithic statements about a younger generation, however, it is important to understand GenZ’s values and motivation within the marketplace. Remember, GenZ only knows a completely digital world; use it to your advantage.

Online Content is Everything: In this digital world, content is everything. You need to make sure you understand your audience and are creating enticing content to grab their attention. Your content should provoke their thoughts, appeal to their emotions and excite their mind. Content isn’t just for educating the public about your product or service but to encourage them to share and engage with your message. Create a forum that allows for dialogue as opposed to monologue, and connect with your consumers on a deeper, more emotional level.

Brand Authenticity: Consumers traditionally display positive engagement with brands that have a unique voice. Find yours. Find the differentiators that no one else has. Evolve your brand story, find your tone of voice and stick to it. If you can identify what sets you apart from the competitor outside of features and benefits to solidify an emotional connection with the consumer, you will see an exponential difference in the efficacy of your marketing. Studies show that marketing creative aligned with brand truth yields 23% higher returns.

Keep these trends in mind as you kick start the new year. Remember, there is no “right way” to build a marketing strategy. But with the ever changing tech landscape, these suggestions can help your brand succeed in 2019.

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