Creative Trends That Will Help Brands Stand out to Their Consumer


With millions of companies all competing for customers attention online, it can feel harder than ever for upstart brands to get noticed. Yet, these brands also have more tools than ever to engage their customers and achieve the brand differentiation they need to stand out.

Rest assured: there is no better time than now to form relationships with your consumer and stay top-of-mind over competitors.

Companies interested in using their own creativity and unique talents to stand out can try the following trending tactics.

Achieve Brand Differentiation by Becoming a Go-To Resource Through Content Marketing

Many companies approach content marketing as a chore when, in reality, it offers a way to creatively express yourself while making connections with audiences. If you can create valuable content that remains tied to your brand values and personality, you will create relationships that weather just about any sort of price or product competition.

REI uses this approach to teach people about their favorite outdoor activities. They also let inspirational adventurers tell their own story through long-form video content. By combining information and inspiration, REI can get people excited and confident about their next outdoor excursion, leading to a convenient path-to-purchase by browsing REI’s inventory of top-quality outdoor gear.

Use Influencers and Video to Tell a Personal, Emotional Brand Story

Quick! Who is the current owner of the family-owned companies Ford and Cargill? How about the founder/owners of Berkshire Hathaway and Tesla?

If you found the second group much easier to answer than the first, there’s a good reason for that: Elon Musk and Warren Buffett work very hard on creating, controlling and maintaining their personal brand image. In a way, they are inseparable from their companies. But, from another perspective, their name is bigger than any business brand.

Business owners from all walks of life can use this same strategy to differentiate themselves. Simply come up with an intensely personal, meaningful philosophy that relates to your core business area. Then, tell a story about how that philosophy led you to start a business that helps solve an important problem you saw in the world.

Creating such a story through an emotional video can become a highly engaging and sharable way to distinguish your company. If you have a service-oriented aspect, such as donating a percentage of profits to charity, all the better.

Collaborating with influencers can help you amplify the story across the internet to niche audiences. Find your story, and then find someone to help you tell it. Then, you can stand out distinctly from your competitors.

Use Subtle, Artist-Driven Touches to Become a Richer, More Textured Brand

Lots of brands cut corners when it comes to branding experience. But, brands with a vibrant, artistic element to their personality always manage to stand out.

Look at how Snapchat and Instagram infuse artistry within their branding. Look at how Sharpie and Go Pro source gorgeous social photos that also essentially serve as product demos.

Brands that are able to extract beauty from their audiences and their everyday business help remind us of how wonderful the world actually is. This positive, emotional experience really stands out compared to brands that skimp when it comes to branding design and content.

Combining all three of the above strategies is an extremely effective way to generate more affinity from your customers and stand out from the competition. Keep your eye on something bigger than your business, and your inspiration will shine through to help you find success.

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