The Next Generation- What Gen Z'ers Want While Dining

By: Gina Lee De Freitas

Generation Z is the next generation of diners. Discover how they’re different from previous generations, what they crave, and how exactly you should market to them.  

Generation Z consists of anyone born after 1995, they are the largest generation since baby boomers with 83 million people. This is the next generation to dominate consumer spending, and therefore marketing. This generation has particular quirks that will be necessary to understand and cater to especially in the restaurant business.

Gen Z’ers have received the highest and most thorough education concerning nutrition to date, but their food preferences are unlike the previous generations.

In order to connect with this generation of diners you may need to adapt a few things from your menu items to your social media strategy.

Kellogg’s Senior Nutrition Marketing Business Partner for Specialty Channels, David Grotto, analyzed data from Technomic’s 2015 “Gen Z: Decoding the Behaviors of the Next Generation” and discovered these findings about the next generation, GenZ.

Familiar and Convenient

Gen Z'ers often choose quick and convenient foods that enable them to eat small snacks while on-the-go throughout the day, rather than full meals during normal service times. U.S. Census data shows that during their childhood the U.S. was and continues to be the most diverse it has ever been, which has inevitably impacted the sophistication of their palates. Gen Z’er are drawn to foods they crave, are full of flavor, and are convenient. Items like spicy chips, condiments, and seasonings do very well with Gen Z’ers.

Friends and Family

Gen Z’ers food and beverage choices are often influenced my friends and family,especially for the much younger in the generation. Appealing to and acknowledge these influences by making all customer interactions memorable. 

Short and Sweet on Social Media

Like their Millennial counterparts, Gen Z'ers spend ample time on social media each week. Gen Zer’s spend most of their time on Youtube , followed by Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Keep posts, descriptions, and  tweets: visual, creative, short and to the point and you will successful appeal to the next generation of consumers.

Keep Your Social Media Social

Gen Z'ers have grown up with social media, so just your very presence on social media is not enough to impress them and win over their loyalty. In order to achieve engagement from the next generation you must interact with them. They expect responses to questions, and replies to comments.

Save The World

Gen Z’ers are idealistic and passionate about humanitarian causes. Promoting your social causes and particular community events you support will appeal to their desire to help save the world. Share the causes and events on your menu or through your social media platforms.

While corporate America is still trying to wrap their minds around Millennials make these slight shifts in your brand toward Generation Z. Understanding the character traits of this next generation will help put your restaurant one step ahead of the rest.

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