Teaming up to tee up growth.

The Ask

A flagship product in need of digital footing

NetApp, mostly known for data box storage, began putting resources behind their cloud storage solutions. Enter a newly formed NetApp team tasked with aggressive growth and revenue goals as it pertained to Cloud Volumes Service (CVS) for Google Cloud, a flagship cloud storage offering. In order to do so, NetApp invited us to modernize their digital customer journey including the creation of awareness building and trial-driving content.

The Challenge

Getting up to speed on a new brand

NetApp was in the midst of launching a brand new identity complete with an evolved look, feel and tone of voice. Both NetApp’s Google Cloud team and IMM were learning the in’s and out’s of the new brand at the same time. For a global company with thousands of pieces of content in market, making the transition from NetApp’s old brand to the new one was no small feat and required a strong partnership from the outset.

The Solve

Connected Content

Through our immersive approach, we built an always-on content plan designed to improve landing page flows while creating digital media campaign assets to deliver prospects to each designated page. Through UX, design and copy updates to their key trial offer page, we boosted form fills serving up warm leads for their sales team. We also created display, social, and video creative designed to generate awareness, drive consideration and net coveted trial signups.

Client Experience

With no time to get our feet wet in the NetApp business, we had to dive right in to their new brand and quickly build our client partnership. In record time, we mastered the target market, became experts in their product solutions and absorbed the nuances of the existing customer journey. Through fast and furious discovery sessions, we then created a content roadmap geared towards digitally engaging new users and successfully encouraging trial of Cloud Volumes Service.

The Outcome

Goals crushed and expectations exceeded

The NetApp Google Cloud team went from having an incomplete, outdated customer experience to an entirely new web presence backed by a full library of strategy driven creative. We created 3 long-form videos, 8 short-form video assets and relaunched their trial landing page. In parallel, we developed 32 digital media campaign creative suites and 20 additional LinkedIn creative pieces. Armed with our newly developed digital journey, NetApp got these content packages into market and met their aggressive target revenue and acquisition goals for the fiscal year.

Long-form videos


Short-form videos


Creative suites


LinkedIn creative