Our success is measured by your success.

Our singular focus on moving the needle for your business allows us to concentrate on the truly important pieces of client/agency partnerships — solutions to problems, connections with consumers and the delivery of tangible results.

Our investment.
Your return.

Our model works. Really, really well. Simply stated, we work until it’s right and then we invest in the right solutions in market. This forward-thinking approach is the ultimate expression of putting our money where our mouth is.

We want what you want.

Our Goals Our Goals

Your Goals

Your Goals

Agency Goals

Agency Goals

Our Goals

By aligning our incentives, IMM truly is a partner to our clients. Knowing that we are judged by the same KPIs as our client partners gives our relationship a level of trust and transparency that you won’t find anywhere else. Together, we make your money do more and go farther, ultimately making you the hero.

Driven by data.

We always begin with the end in mind. Grounded in strategic thinking and driven by data, we create, test, learn and optimize. Constantly. By finding out what does work, we’re able to ignore what doesn’t, allowing us to connect more intelligently and more efficiently with every iteration.

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is everything.

Today your customer has more media options than ever before. To get around the clutter, we strategically find your audience where they are and connect with impact, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. By igniting interest at the exact moment of consideration, our creative delivers stronger return and fosters a lasting connection with your brand.


With our deep experience in digital, IMM has evolved proven approaches to delivering impact across all areas of a client relationship.

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  • Client Services

    We strive to be a true extension of our client’s team. By listening to needs and business problems, we’re able to formulate intelligent solutions for our clients and their brands. As agency liaisons, we manage up and ask insightful questions, allowing our team to focus on excellence, collaboration and data sharing to drive success and build lasting relationships.


  • Strategy & Insight

    In our opinion, consumer insights are only as good as the business problem they’re applied to. Our strategists spend as much time diagnosing and understanding business problems as they do applying the right data, tools, research and insights to find the right solution. From research design to digital strategy development, personae creation to content strategy, IMM’s strategists deliver the right ideas for solving business problems large and small.

    Consumer Insights
    Mobile & Emerging Media
    Brand Planning

  • Creative

    Our award-winning creative team starts with ideas first because we understand it’s not the medium; it’s the message. That’s why we never lose sight of creating content that’s relatable, shareable, and most importantly, connected with impact to generate real results. From site design and mobile experiences to brand identity and digital video, we’re well-versed in producing work that resonates across multiple digital touchpoints.

    Branded Content

  • Solutions

    We tailor campaign solutions to how your customers think and behave. We translate analytics and intelligence around every click, hover, view, visit, post, share and sale into actionable recommendations that drive real results for our clients. From content integration to SEO, social monitoring to community management, mobile UX to CRM strategies, we know that identifying specific ways to move the needle for our clients’ brands is crucial.

    Data Intake

  • Channel

    We integrate message, medium and consumer insights to deliver the most impactful impressions to consumers through the right channels at the right moment. Because most of the time we’re investing our money and time alongside our clients, our media planning and buying practice tests, learns and scales campaigns quickly and efficiently. We optimize in real-time, ensuring campaigns drive maximum results while making media budgets go further. From full-funnel attribution to real-time inventory bidding, we are passionate about innovation.

    Cross Channel

  • Technology

    Most agencies don’t want to touch the technological side of the business with a ten-foot pole. Lucky for you, we’re not most agencies. We custom-build everything from web-to-POS consumer data sharing environments, mobile engagement platforms and lots of darn good websites.

    Site Development
    Software & Application Development

  • As Chili’s digital agency, IMM has helped ensure that More Life Happens online. We execute creative, development, media planning and mobile initiatives across the digital landscape, including display & web/landing pages, integrated analytics, online video, search, paid social, and acquisition-focused initiatives like online ordering and email club registrations.

  • On The Border has been relying on IMM to add more sizzle to their digital plate since July 2012. We’ve jumped in to lead the charge on their digital media (including display, video, paid search), digital video production, banner, email, and microsite creative & development as well as providing analytics.

  • For the last five years, IMM has partnered with DirectBuy to entice consumers to realize their unique membership model delivers savings that are better by design. In order to drive success for DirectBuy, we’ve implemented digital media (email, paid search, paid social), microsite creative & development, technical application development, analytics, and display.

  • IMM has been helping keep Big 5 Sporting Goods in the game since June 2012. We’ve utilized a mix of media (including display, paid search, and mobile), banner, email, and microsite creative & development along with deep analytics to improve digital engagement with their target audience.