4 Steps to Creating an Awesome Digital Marketing Strategy for your Restaurant


The term digital marketing can sound, simultaneously, vague and overwhelming sometimes, but it is nothing more than a precise strategy for marketing and growing your business using all forms of digital media.

There are clear steps you can take to create an awesome digital marketing strategy that will increase sales, customer engagement, and your brand recognition, all while not feeling intimidating.

Step 1. Create a Plan Digital Marketing is not something you can approach haphazardly and then expect to walk away with success. Posting to your Facebook page twice a day won' t prove to be a great plan. The best way to begin your digital marketing strategy is to look at your end goals. Do you have an event coming up in three months? Are you opening a new location within the year? Are you revamping the menu? These types of long term goals allow you to create a plan that builds upon itself. If you don’t have an event or goal like mentioned, maybe your goal is to gain consistent customers, or increase the sales of a particular item? Whatever type of goal you have in mind, your strategy should begin with knowing where you are going to end.

Step 2. Be Consistent Digital Media is particular and requires consistency. You want people to be able to find you on search engines; in this case, Google, Yahoo and Bing are where you should foc us. If you own a sushi restaurant in Denver, CO, you'll want to be one of the first restaurants that populates on Google when someone searches “sushi restaurant in Denver”. In order to achieve one of the top spots on the search engine page all of the information on your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram needs to be consistent. This is a great time to make sure your address, phone number, and spelling is all accurate.

Step 3. Create Content Each social media platform is different, but every platfor m’s algorithm is set to favor consistent and quality content. As a restaurant owner, you have access to an endless supply of content. Share the ingredients in a specific menu item, use Facebook’s “go live” feature and perform a cooking demonstration, reveal the inspiration behind certain dishes, or share the history of your restaurant, take pictures of plated food, write blog posts about events your restaurant is participating in. Making good, shareable content a prominent part of your overall digital media strategy will help ensure that you are scheduling content consistently, and will keep your end goal in mind with every post on every platform.

Step 4. Promote User Generated Content User generated content is any content, whether it be a review, a picture, a mention or a testimonial, that a customer or client posts related to a brand or business. It's easy to encourage customers to promote your restaurant for you. People love taking pictures of their food, or posting shots of themselves on date nights. You can turn all of those selfies and amateur food photographs into marketing content for your restaurant by creating a hashtag for customers to use when posting, or by creating a simple social media contest. Each picture will then be connected to your social media profile and help build customer engagement and trust.

Following these four steps will help you create an impactful digital marketing strategy for your restaurant that is sure to increase sales and customer engagement.

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When it comes to restaurant trends and marketing, IMM knows what they are talking about. Gina Lee De Freiitas, President of IMM, and Corien de Jong, SVP Executive Creative Director, have more than 25 years of experience in the vertical. So when they talk about the tools, tips and resources your restaurant needs to succeed, rest assured they’ve got it covered.

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