Access High Impact Skin Inventory With Low Budgets

By: Jenny Shi

Drive an 86% Efficiency In Site Traffic CPA

To meet TracFone’s objectives, The Trade Desk offered a unique beta test through Sublime Skinz. The test allowed IMM to access premium website skin inventory that typically requires a minimum spend. Programmatic media buying was identified as the best vehicle to drive a high volume of impressions and this represented the first test of its kind to measure the efficacy of a programmatic campaign using skins to drive website traffic at a lower cost.

In the past, media planners negotiated directly with publishers to access homepage skin inventory. These negotiations include minimum-spend requirements, which can range depending on how much demand there is for the publisher’s inventory.  

Programmatic media buying was identified as the best way to drive a high volume of impressions efficiently. Planners had previously conducted a series of direct buy vs. programmatic buy tests to prove efficiencies in lower-funnel actions. For this test, the inventory tested was not previously available to purchase programmatically.

To truly test the value of the opportunity, the remainder of the programmatic buy was executed against tactics known to be lucrative methods for garnering high yields of cost-effective site traffic.

Sublime Skinz significantly outperformed expectations, driving the most efficient cost per homepage landing.
Sublime is outperforming all other tactics and driving an 86% efficiency in homepage landings
While all tactics were able to reach and drive consumers to peruse the product details pages, Sublime ranks better in driving qualified consumers into the funnel who later proceeded to purchase a TracFone product
An audit of sales also shows that Sublime has driven 7% of last-touch sales and is the only tactic that has driven a click-through sale


86% Efficiency in Homepage Landings

7% Increase of Last-Touch Sales

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