Eat What You Pitch, Pitch What You Eat

By: Corien de Jong

Getting to know your new restaurant client.

The first question you ask yourself when you start working on a new restaurant client is “What does the food taste like, smell like, feel like, look like, etc.?”

The answer seems simple, right? Except if the nearest location is about four states away. Then you’re kinda out of luck unless you want to buy some plane tickets and book a hotel room.

Working on our first creative campaign for Primanti Bros., we decided we needed to experience for ourselves the thick slices of bread smothered by meat, cheese, slaw, french fries and tomatoes that they are so famous for. But it just wasn’t in the budget to fly to the motherland of Pittsburgh, Pa. or even the closest one in Indianapolis right now.

Prmanti 2

Teamwork. Phil, Corien and Jonathan.

As everything is nowadays, our order for four pastrami sandwiches was just a click away, thanks to Goldbely. After three long days, our box loaded up with authentic Primanti’s ingredients – pastrami, a loaf of pillowy soft Italian bread, fries, slaw, tomatoes – arrived! To get that fresh, straight out of the kitchen experience, the ingredients were vacuum sealed and packed in Styrofoam with some ice packs. Of course, assembly was required, but we were going to cook our own Primanti’s sandwiches!

Prmanti 3


Off to the kitchen we went. The fries were baked in the oven, the meat was heated up in the pan, the cheese was melted, the tomatoes and bread were sliced. Then, we assembled four sandwiches for the Primanti’s team to experience firsthand. Oh, and beers were poured. For that authentic Primanti’s experience, of course. It was imperative.

Prmanti 4

Professional at work.

After we placed the top slice of bread on each one, we felt like we could open the next Primanti Bros. restaurant right here in Colorado. I mean, look at those masterpieces! We almost thought they were too beautiful to eat...but who are we kidding? They tasted even better than that! You can see it for yourself. (If you want to taste them for yourself, order your own. We’ll gladly prepare them for a small fee. It’s your call.

Prmanti 5

Looks like a real Primanti's sandwich.

The result was not only four unbelievably delicious sandwiches, but we got one step closer to really getting to know our client. Now, we can’t wait to go to Pittsburgh and experience the real thing.

Prmanti 6


Images by: Lindsey Nichols

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