How Much Could You Save by Verifying Your Digital Media Campaigns?


It seems like every time you turn around, there’s a new buzzword floating around – native advertising, programmatic, opt-in video, disintermediation, bots, VR…the list goes on and on. It can truly be dizzying to try and keep up with the latest issues that are facing our industry.

Whether they burn bright and flame out fast (R.I.P. Pokemon GO) or prove to have more staying power, paying close attention to these trends is required to stay relevant and to make certain you aren’t executing dead tactics.

One theme that continues to be top of mind for many agencies and clients is media verification and quality standards. Ever since the Media Rating Council (MRC) formalized their standardized definition of what a viewable ad impression is, companies and agencies alike have been trying to figure out the best approach to ensure the highest possible standard for their digital advertising plans. 

While it’s important to continue to monitor the progression of viewability & fraud topics from the MRC and other digital companies, such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), we didn’t want to wait around for the industry to define those benchmarks for us.

The IMM team took quick action and created and enforced our own with DoubleVerify as our measurement partner. For one client, we began enforcing strict viewability and fraud standards on every desktop display line item that ran from Q1-Q3, which resulted in clawing back over $192,000 from media found to be outside our standards.

Perhaps an even more compelling data point is that the ROI for the clawed-back media funds compared to the cost of DoubleVerify’s services was nearly a 5:1 return. 5:1! Let’s just pause and reflect on that for a moment. That means for every $1 paid to DoubleVerify, we were able to recover nearly $5 from media vendors then reinvest those funds into higher-quality inventory on behalf of our client.

Our team continues to work with DoubleVerify & vet other third-party monitoring solutions to further tighten & refine our standards. We increased our viewability benchmarks & decreased our tolerance for fraudulent inventory and will continue to make these shifts as new data becomes available.

You’ve heard many times that the only constant in digital advertising is the element of change – that principle certainly holds true on the topic of media verification and quality standards. It seems like as soon as we can adapt to a new way of working, new standards and measurement technologies emerge and shake things up.

While some may be comfortable with sitting back and letting others pave the way, we at IMM are committed to trying to get out ahead of these issues and bringing forward-thinking solutions to all our client partners.

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