Harmonizing the In-Store and In-App Experience for Boosted Engagement

By: Dwight Muhlbradt

Increasing trackable, in-store purchases may come at the price of discounted products but there are now ways for consumers to interact with your brand and be inclined to spend their dollars in-store. 

A marketer’s first question is typically “What kind of value am I getting out of my advertising spend?”

And if you’re a brick and mortar store, tracking the outcome of your media spend can be very difficult. In the case of traditional advertising, you’re not going to ask every customer that walks through the door if they saw your billboard, heard your radio ad or saw your :30 commercial on the news. In the case of digital advertising, unless you’re a big box bed and bath supply chain, you probably don’t want to discount every product and every visit to your store to track your media. However, there are opportunities in the marketplace that allow you to create impactful brand engagement in-app while also incentivizing and tracking in-store visits and purchases.

In the digital marketplace there are currently two leading brands that encourage in-store purchase and brand engagement via mobile app; ibotta & ShopKick. Shopkick rewards users with “kicks”, their in-app currency, which can be leveraged to earn online gift cards. To earn “kicks”, users need to either enter a store and scan a specific product with their smartphone or scan their purchase receipt as proof of purchase. In layman’s terms, guests are being incentivized to come to your store, put specific products in their hands, and make purchases. Ibotta’s platform is a little more straight-forward. To unlock a dollar off or percentage off on specific products, users must watch a video or take on other meaningful brand interaction (quiz, learn more, have you heard of this product). From there, potential guests simply need to go eat at their favorite restaurant or shop at a store. Once a purchase or transaction has been made, the customer scans their receipt via the ibotta app to get paid back.

In the examples above, the restaurant or store doesn’t require additional interaction with the guest as everything happens in-app.

It’s not unusual to see much higher check sizes as customers are incentivized to spend more to earn additional rewards. Additionally, both Shopkick and ibotta provide receipt level reporting upon campaign wrap. For more in-depth reporting, both platforms provide daily real time reports that show impression, interaction, spend and purchase data. Seeing +30% check sizes and 8:1 ROAS is also not unusual. Advertisers have found that the ibotta app was one of the better ways to track in-restaurant visits without having to create a complicated couponing campaign that utilizes dynamic codes to tie directly back to different channels. 

Using platforms like Shopkick and ibotta can provide a way to increase in-store purchases and boost consumer engagement with your brand in an efficient way for your business.

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