IMM spreads Muletide Cheer for all their clients throughout the year.


So we have a thing for puns and rhymes - sue us.

Every year, we look forward to packaging up our holiday cheer in a heartfelt and beautiful gift for our clients and friends. It’s never easy to create a completely unique present that perfectly articulates a proper thank you to our great partners and colleagues. However, we are thankful. So thankful in fact, we came up with a cute, punny gift to show them how much we care.

Img 5516

"We wish you Holiday Cheers from IMM"


Where to start? What to give? This happens every year, yet we always seem surprised at how long it takes to get everything done, on time, and sent to clients before they leave for the holidays. Instead of the usual last minute scramble, we decided to do a sweet, thoughtful gift—the ever-classic Moscow Mule.


To gather inspiration for the “mule,” we harkened back to the days of hand-written signage and vintage flair. Back to when things had a purpose. When things were unique, well-crafted and completely custom. Think those old Coca-Cola tins that your Grandma stored her handmade cookies in—way back when typography had a clear purpose.

Imm Holiday Inspo

Inspiration from various sources on vintage signage.

"Yuletide Cheer? Now, that’s a generic, non-denominational message everyone can get behind!"

The inspiration flowed like warm honey on a stick. We were rollin’, we were grindin’! We knew we needed to pay homage to the Moscow Mule while having a seasonal message. 

Christmas? Too Christian. Hanukkah? Too Jewish. Yuletide Cheer? Now, that’s a generic, non-denominational message everyone can get behind!

Then it happened. “It” being the perfect mix of seasonal timeliness and the tasty vodka drink our clients would love to appreciate at the end of a long day. “Bottoms up to your bottom line?” Maybe we’re trying too hard…

“Muletide Cheer: Sip, Savor, Repeat.”
We ran with it and never looked back.

Imm Holiday Inspo

Sketches for the "Muletide Cheer" mark.


Now that we had the main idea locked down, this is where the logistics came in—and boy, do we love logistics. Coordination! Spreadsheets! Vendors! Samples! Yeah! 

We needed to brand this entire gift from the bottom up. From the box it was sent in all the way to putting the finishing touches on the lime garnish. This was over 12 custom assets. If we weren't freaking out yet, we should have been.

Img 5580

Custom Copper mugs engraved with mark.


For the better part of a month we complained about the timeline and how little time we had. “It’s December 1st! Where was this feedback weeks ago?!?” or, “No, we can’t send a live iguana through the mail—postage would be outrageous!”


We sketched, we vectorized, we customized, then scrapped it and did it all over again—because we’re perfectionists. We are only hard on ourselves because we push our creative work to the highest standard. (Shameless plug for how hard we work.)

Img 5618

8"x8" final print that explains the steps to the perfect Moscow Mule.

Img 5383

The final, "Mule."


Hell week—AKA the week that we told everyone in the office they better spare a few minutes to help the creative team assemble this gift or else–was a delight. No really, it could not have gone more smoothly. The best project managers can’t even schedule how perfect the assembly week went.

Just as one teammate would leave for a meeting, another would magically show up and start helping. It was a Christmas miracle! And we could not have done it without each and every member of the team. Even our Dev team helped!

Img 5556

The inside of the gift contained a custom engraved copper mug, IMM labeled ginger beer, vodka, lime, and confetti canon.


As each gift was packed and taped up with care, we could not believe how much we all sweared. (Sorry for the rhyming, we’ll stop now.) 

In the end, all the gifts were picked up by the post office only a few hours late!...
We were happy and ready to head into the holiday break stress-free.


Michelle is a Senior Designer at IMM with a strong love for her KU Jayhawks and a good cup of coffee. Contact her with any questions you have about the gift!

(We share because the people we worked with were so darn awesome at what they do, they need a shout-out!)

Moscow Mule Mug

Engraved right here in Denver with Alchemade:
They were an absolute delight to work with and produced a killer product.

“Enjoy Muletide Cheer!” Riso-Print
Printed by Perfectly Acceptable up in The Windy City: http://www.perfectly-acceptabl...
Matt is a legit boss at what he does. He worked with our tight timeline to turn around prints our clients can appreciate.

Custom Stamps for various parts of the packaging
The Paper Gold Co.:
One stamp’s wooden handle was broken when it arrived and they sent us another one not a day later. Ridiculously great quality of service. #TooLegitToQuit

Thanks again to everyone who helped the creative team with this project! We could not have done it without you.

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