Rebranding: The Right Move for Your Business?


Five questions to ask yourself before taking the big step

To survive in the business world, as in the natural world, you must adopt an adapt-or-die mentality. Sometimes this means a rebrand may be necessary to remain relevant, but when is the right time to rebrand? And how do you ensure that the process goes smoothly?

Below are five questions to consider as you determine whether it’s the right time to rebrand your business:

  1. Has your product line, target audience or message changed significantly?
  2. How extensive of a rebrand is necessary?
  3. How fast do you need to roll out your rebrand?
  4. Does your digital presence accurately reflect your brand?
  5. What does your gut tell you?

If your branding no longer reflects your brand vision, then you aren’t accurately representing yourself to customers or potential customers. If you’ve experienced recent growth, you may outgrow your brand and need to make updates to allow your business to compete in a new tier. Keeping your brand consistent with your business is important for customer retention and satisfaction.

A good rebrand will simplify and focus your brand image, so it’s important to accurately assess which parts of your brand need an update. Maybe your customers see your brand differently than you do, which would require an extensive overhaul to more accurately match your customers’ needs and expectations.

Sometimes it’s something as simple as updating your logo to keep your design relevant and current. Either way, spending some time determining which facets need work will save you from ‘fixing’ things that aren’t necessarily broken.

Rebranding can be a jarring experience for your customers. To soften the impact, use any channels you have available to let them know it’s coming. This could include sending a note to your customer email list, or letting them know via your social channels that changes are on the way well ahead of time.

Don’t be afraid to slowly introduce changes – what’s the rush? A gradual change can be much easier for your customers to accept, and a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Maybe you started your business before digital marketing was even a consideration. Maybe your current branding doesn’t translate well into the digital space. Either way, if you’re embarrassed to share your digital domains with customers, that may be a sign it’s time to change things up and create something you’re proud of.

Odds are if you’re questioning whether it’s time for a brand update, it’s time. Rebranding is a big effort, but you know your business better than anyone, so trust your instincts if you feel it’s time to take the plunge – just keep the above ideas in mind as you do!

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