Smarter Digital Marketing: Demographics are Key

By: Corien de Jong

As technology moves forward, digital marketing must move forward, also. Research shows that marketing to demographics is the targeted approach that is needed to keep pace. 

Digital marketing continues to pick up its pace as technological advancements kick in. The average marketing strategy would simply focus on how to create, keep, and satisfy your customer via diverse digital platforms, however, recent research shows the need for a more pronounced and targeted approach, eventually pointing the spotlight on demographic marketing.

Over the years, data regarding market demographics  continually evolves. Because of this, digital marketers are expected to up their game and reach their target customers based on current trends if they are to keep pace with the rapidly moving digital times. Here are some things to consider to create a smarter digital marketing strategy in 2018:

  • Millennials go mobile. Deemed a major portion of the adult population, these digital natives remain a key player to consider when it comes to framing digital marketing campaigns. Their tech-savvy practices that usually involve the use of their mobile phones, coupled with their progressive thinking, young age, and financial capability, have come to paint a whole new image for consumer profiles. No matter what kind of product or service you offer, it is a good practice to follow millennial trends and preferences.
  • Social media matters. Nowadays, good internet speed and connectivity is a staple for every household. Almost every family member has a profile on Facebook (73% mobile users) and it is second nature for many to turn to YouTube (68% mobile users) for entertainment. Pinterest is appreciated by 41% of women users and LinkedIn gains popularity among college graduates and those in high-income households. With these numbers in mind, you can easily see how diverse the social media platform usage is and how varied user needs and interests can be. Leveraging these platforms through useful content and video marketing, as well as tapping into the right social media influencers, will ensure visibility and greater reach for your marketing campaigns.
  • Artificially-intelligent marketers. In an attempt to make the approach more efficient and personalized , AI is now being utilized in the field of digital marketing with the use of chatbots and other robots that can interact with humans and help analyze consumer behavior. With the capacity to mimic human thinking, these artificially-intelligent entities can help you better assess and understand your target customers’ overall profile as they entertain their queries and help address their customer service needs.

Technological progress is a huge factor in directing the trends in the digital marketing arena. With a highly fluid and ever-changing online scene, it is important for digital marketers to keep up with the pace and take note of best practices. Despite the quick pace at which things change, technology has also made data easily accessible. As with any research, trends and data gathered can be powerful tools if you know where to look and how to properly use the information. Knowing who the key players are, where they spend their time, and how best to interact with them, are vital steps in creating a campaign that is not only attractive but effective as well.

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