Video Marketing Kings: Facebook and YouTube

By: Corien de Jong

Your message is important but where it lives holds just as much weight. Creating engaging videos with great production is pointless if you’re not getting it in front of the right people.

The great thing in today's marketing world is that exposure is often free or inexpensive, and in many cases, your clever or funny videos can reach your community or even the world without a dime spent on "airtime."

Despite having vastly different audiences, YouTube marketing and Facebook advertising are the clear leaders in the video category. While it wouldn't make sense to use one and not the other, knowing how audiences find and view video content is important to reach a large number of viewers on both platforms.

Statistics show that Internet marketers prefer to use YouTube to Facebook by 19 percent (87% to 68%) for posting videos followed by webinars (44%), Instagram and Twitter (41%), and LinkedIn (38%), according to Wyzowl. Bringing up the rear is Snapchat (11%), losing to less mainstream platforms like Interactive Video, 360 Video, and Virtual Reality (VR).

To get more bang for your buck, stick with YouTube and Facebook – 90 percent of YouTube marketers found the platform to be an effective strategy, and 87 percent of Facebook advertisers realized a great return on investment. In addition, ROI is easier to track on YouTube and Facebook; knowing what videos work and which do not is especially useful if you are new to video marketing or still experimenting with your approach.

The difference between YouTube and Facebook visitors is that YouTube folks are going to the website with the intent of watching videos. On the other hand, Facebook visitors are not necessarily looking for videos. They are standing in line, taking a break at work, and even if your video is playing, they may be watching it without sound.

Therefore, if you are creating videos for Facebook make sure the visuals stand out and explain themselves. Add titles and subtitles that are bold and easy to read, show images and videos that entice consumers, and engage people who have audio limitations. Furthermore, Facebook visitors are typically scrolling through their feed, so you need to engage their attention within the first few seconds. Here are some things to consider:

  • Include a catchy title to build intrigue.
  • Keep the video short and simple.
  • Make sure there is an interesting purpose to your video with a lot of action and no dull moments.
  • Begin and end with a limited-time offer or a freebie if the viewer takes a further action.

Your Facebook page is the first place you should upload your videos; you already have a captive audience interested in your brand and this option is free. However, you can also pay for your video to be included in Facebook feeds based on keywords and user interests at an average cost per click of 97 cents.

YouTube works similarly. You can upload your video to your page where subscribers can watch it, and if it is clever enough, it might find an organic audience and go viral. Or, you can pay to have your video appear before a  popular video that people want to watch. If you take this route, make sure that the video contains useful information that tells a story and guides people to your product. For example, how-to videos and product demonstrations work well.

YouTube has a viewer base of 1.5 billion people who watch 5 billion videos each day. Make an effective marketing video and it can spread to these potential customers without a dollar spent. If you decide to pay, you will spend somewhere between 10-30 cents per view. In some instances, it’s possible that 10,000 views could cost you only $1000.

A cohesive marketing campaign doesn’t happen in one place. To achieve optimal success and reach large amounts of people, you’ll need to utilize multiple platforms. Take advantage of the free services that platforms offer but consider paying to get your foot in the door.

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