Which City Despises Ketchup on Hot Dogs?


By: Madey Mahoney, Intern

Wait, what? Who in the world doesn’t like at least a little ketchup on hot dogs? 

To think that there is a city out there that doesn’t put ketchup, or even think about putting ketchup, on their ‘signature’ dogs amazes me. After all, ketchup is one of the world’s leading condiments. 97% of all Americans keep ketchup in their household, and on average every person consumes about three bottles of ketchup per year. So, which city despises ketchup?

Well, to celebrate National Hot Dog Day, Heinz unveiled a new ‘special sauce’ in their efforts to encourage this city to start using ketchup more regularly on their hotdogs. That city? The hot dog capital of Chicago. For some reason, most Chicagoans think that putting ketchup on their famous Chicago-style hot dogs is frowned upon. Cleverly, Heinz created a new way to introduce ketchup back on hot dogs without actually putting it on them. Therefore, Chicago Dog Sauce was born.

This magically-labeled sauce tricked people into believing that they were being introduced to a new condiment. But little did they know, it was really only ketchup. Many people doused the hotdog in ketchup without even realizing it, and many people preferred the new taste combination with ketchup opposed to without it.

Needless to say, Heinz has jumpstarted a new era for ketchup in the Windy City and given many people a new reason to enjoy the beloved tradition of hot dogs. This Chicago Dog Sauce may seem unusual for some of us, but for Chicago it’s an idea reborn.

Can they keep up this new trend and change Chicagoans’ way of living for good? Maybe…maybe not. But either way, celebrate National Hot Dog Day today and put just a little ketchup on your dog. For me.

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