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Flipping the switch on a new brand
GridX is a rate analytics platform that helps energy utilities shape the clean energy future by translating the impacts of clean energy decisions into dollars and cents for their consumers.
With an aspirational vision for reinvention, GridX needed to define a path forward for their business transformation. IMM brought the expertise to guide their evolution, unlock new consumer and market insights, and ignite their transformation across the digital journey.
Our brand foundation, experience transformation, and GTM strategy unlocked a disproportionate competitive advantage for GridX—now recognized as a leading change agent and thought leader in one of the biggest challenges in history—climate change.
of Series C funding
Top 10
In customer experience*
Major utility partners
Energy consumer impact
Shaping the future of cloud
Ranked the #1 global data provider by Gartner, NetApp has been an iconic brand in the data space for over 30 years—but a disconnect in market perception created barriers when its flagship cloud product org, Cloud Volumes Services, was charged with rapidly growing revenue and adding 400+ relationships to their B2B portfolio.
With fast and furious collaboration across siloed teams, in-depth analysis of digital touchpoints, and targeted market and content strategy, we architected a seamless end-to-end ecosystem to unlock new growth and awareness. Focusing on driving trials, which accounted for a majority of new B2B enterprise sales, we unlocked and convert new consumers to build repeated, lifetime value for CVS.
Our strategic digital roadmap and immersive content experience acted as a rallying cry, scaling across dozens of NetApp’s product organizations. Embraced as a revolution in storytelling, it's set a new standard as the brand moves forward to build the future of cloud.
product org expansions
B2B relationships in 6 mo
average industry CTR
first-time user traffic

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