We’re leaders, authors, doers and seekers. We do a lot, but the one thing we don’t do is stand still.

We’re leaders, authors, doers and seekers. We do a lot, but the one thing we don’t do is stand still.


By The Numbers







Our Perspective

The only constant in the world is change. Let’s capitalize on it.

Your brand deserves a co-pilot who understands how to turn change, no matter how exciting or unnerving, into what it should be—a launchpad. We create immersive experiences that light up your transformation and ignite your bottom line. Consumer behavior is well—human. And our ability to understand the intersection between your customer and your brand can generate stellar results.


Corien de Jong


As the president of IMM, Corien brings an exciting leadership style to our agency that fosters the creative, measurable solutions we’re known for. Since joining IMM in 2016, she has made her indelible mark developing visually stunning work, building culture-shifting teams and solidifying long-standing client relationships.

Corien’s passion for customer experiences means our clients can count on a partnership that delivers undeniable results. Originally from the Netherlands, she made her way to Colorado via New York City where she continues to help companies capitalize on change.

Our Teams

We build digital experiences, but most importantly we build momentum.

Client Experience

How we do it

Together, we level-set. What are the challenges and opportunities? Let’s define the vision and your best path to success. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients helping guide their business transformation.

What to expect

True connectivity with your team and ours. We not only determine the right capabilities necessary to deliver, we’re completely immersed in your landscape identifying further areas of optimization and growth potential.

Connected Content

How we do it

We poke holes. We beat up ideas. We ask a ton of questions to uncover what motivates consumers and users to engage. The result? Digital experiences that fuel authentic action. Our fully-integrated team guides the creative direction of your brand and audience intersection.

What to expect

Collaboration with strategists, writers, designers, art directors and UX/UI experts to nail down that hook that has the power to transform your brand. We’re creative leaders and partners in ensuring there’s connectivity between every experience we deliver.

Integrated Media

How we do it

We bring our media expertise to the table to gain more insight over the customer journey. Our holistic approach across all things digital means our clients tap into counsel that right-fits your media investment to match audiences and objectives.

What to expect

Strategy-first solutions that are underpinned by our forever “test & learn” philosophy. Ongoing reviews and analysis steer us to make the smartest decisions around optimizations, adjustments and opportunities that arise.

Analytical Insights

How we do it

To put it simply, it’s a science. Using data to shape customer journeys, media decisions and creative optimizations up-levels business outcomes. Reviewing daily snapshots and analysis ensures data is a central source of truth.

What to expect

Confidence in the moves you make. With data driving your transformation, you’ll act and react with the acumen necessary to achieve results that deserve a double-take. Plus, with on-demand access to reporting and analysis tools, opportunities are never missed.

Our Culture

Motion is our modus operandi.

Born out of an entrepreneurial spirit, our energy is infectious. So we’re told. We’re always thinking, tinkering and what if-ing? Ideas are our currency, and we love a good whiteboard sesh. We don’t run from rigor, we chase it down and invite it out for beers. This unique mash up of curiosity, smarts and diligence becomes a filter for how we work. And being human is the filter in which we act.



Are you who we’re looking for?

Dynamic—defined as a force that stimulates change or progress. This is the one characteristic we look for and cultivate in our people. To help brands capitalize on change, the people behind that progress have to know how to flex, shift, navigate and captain transformation. Raise your hand if that’s you.

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