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Creative Trends That Will Help Brands Stand out to Their Consumer

November 7, 2017
With millions of companies all competing for customers attention online, it can feel harder than ever for upstart brands to get noticed. Yet, these brands also have more tools than ever to engage their cus...
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Getting Even More Out of Your Programmatic Buys

October 26, 2017
"How do I know if my agency gets programmatic?"
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How to (Legally) Steal Customers From Your Biggest Competitors

October 17, 2017
Stealing customers from your competitors may seem difficult or just flat out wrong. The good news is that using data modeling to find your competitors' customers and marketing to them is not only easy to d...
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Agency Life: What it Takes to be a Great Media Person

October 3, 2017
Everyone has that one coworker (let’s call him Joe) who sulks into work at 9, clocks out at 5 and complains that the coffee in the kitchen is crap. This is usually the same person who thinks client request...
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Build a product #roadmap that puts customers first via @verizondigital
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How much does SEO cost? There’s no cut & dried answer. We'd go as far as asking: Is that even the right question to…
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