Christmas in July: How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day

By: Gina Lee De Freitas

As Amazon enthusiasts flex their fingers and feverishly check their wish lists twice in anticipation of one of the biggest shopping frenzies of the year, it’s all too important to ensure your marketing “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed. While we are just days away, there are four things you can still implement leading up to and post July 15th

Get Your Pixels in Order
With enticing free shipping, millions of reviews, and ease of comparison shopping, we all know that when it comes to consumer purchasing, most roads lead to Amazon. If you have any ads in market, regardless of whether they are Amazon-specific, make sure an Amazon-specific pixel is placed on each unit. Following this exercise will guarantee that you are attributing the marketing tactics back to sales. 

Watch the Complete Journey
When reviewing your sales metrics during the time leading up to and immediately following Amazon Prime Day, follow the customer journey. Even if your ads direct consumers to your own eComm site, it may have actually led to an Amazon sale. 

Think about your own shopping habits. When was the last time you researched something on a brand’s site and then went to Amazon to make your actual purchase? And, the reverse is true for Amazon back to your site. Consumers are savvy shoppers and avid researchers; they know that many brands run competing offers on their own websites on Prime Day. You might find that someone starts at Amazon and ends up making a purchase via your site. 

Watch Big-Box Store Sales
Riding on the success of Amazon and Prime day, Amazon competitors have jumped on the bandwagon with big deals. Watching these sales in conjunction to your ad data can provide interesting insights into your customer journey.

Use Promotions Carefully
If you’re planning to run specific promotions or ads around, or in support of, Amazon Prime Day, factor these ads into your results expectations in the periods after they run. While you may be capturing net-new consumers, it’s also possible that some of them were planning to purchase your products but waited to take advantage of Prime Day benefits. This isn’t to discourage a marketing push, but important to keep in mind when assessing and forecasting the rest of Q3 and Q4.

Looking to make sense of your Prime Day and ad sales data? Drop us a line! 

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