4 Simple Ways to Beat Amazon at its Own Game


Like it or not, Amazon is the bar by which all other online shopping experiences are measured.

Jeff Bezos and his team have set the high-water mark for eCommerce. Before Amazon, online shopping was simply an option, not a complete alternative to shopping in a physical store. Back then there were significant barriers for shopping online. You might remember some of them: slow and expensive shipping, a laborious return policy and little in the way of peer reviews.

Amazon has addressed and solved each of these while adding an additional revenue stream in Amazon Prime. No wonder almost half of U.S. households and one in five adults now subscribe to Amazon. 

With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder that both traditional retailers and online stores alike are left to wonder,  “Can Amazon be beaten?” But, rather than thinking of competing with them, perhaps you need to think of how you can work with them. 

With that said, here are 5 ideas on how to grow both brick and click in the post-Amazon era. 

1. Leverage Amazon’s Power.

Start by adding your brand’s best-sellers and most iconic products to Amazon Marketplace. That way, you are using their marketing muscle to grow awareness for your brand. 

2. Retarget Amazon’s Traffic.

Advertise on Amazon, especially on pages specific to your brand. Follow the most relevant consumer journey, then implement look-alike modeling to optimize your digital marketing spend.

3. Offer Exclusive Incentives.

As we’ve already said, Amazon has masterfully removed obstacles from the online purchasing process. But, a very powerful incentive – a loyalty program – is missing from Amazon. Encourage consumers to purchase directly from your site by allowing them to accumulate points or by adding benefits like gifts with purchase.

4. Teach Your Customers to Come to You First.

If your products are available on Amazon, educate consumers to come to your site first by offering exclusive colors or style options on your site. Regardless of whether you’re on there or not, sweeten the deal by promising to meet or, even better, beat their price. You might take a little less in profit, but a smaller sale is better than no sale, right? 

To compete with Amazon and have any kind of impact, you need a multi-faceted approach. Rather than taking these recommendations stand-alone tactics, implement them as a complete suite. A fully integrated marketing campaign will deliver the best results.

And, remember that while you may be technically trying to beat Amazon, they are not the enemy. We are all playing on a new field, so don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Photo Attribute: Adam Matan, Wikimedia Commons 

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