DO's and DONT's of SEO

By: Hailey Mathieson


  •  Create a solid foundation of SEO before moving into other important implementations.
  •  Look at all pillars of SEO when working on a site, not just one.
  •  Work with all teams to ensure tactics are implemented correctly and timely.


  •  Set-it and forget-it. We want consistent maintenance and optimizations.
  •  Look at the small picture. We want to know how one portion of SEO can help an entire business model.
  •  See SEO as a stand-alone tactic. A strong SEO partner can often use tangential solutions to address larger business challenges.

At IMM, our approach begins with research, analytics & strategy and continues throughout the entire project lifecycle.

We identify user pain points to create solutions for user satisfaction and business growth.

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About Ideas Made Measurable!

At IMM, creating action isn’t just what we do — it’s who we are. Our agency is built to deliver full service capabilities while also delivering measurable results. Big data is the marketing buzzword everyone talks about but few understand. We are here to explain in plain English how data-driven, bottoms-up marketing strategies can help generate leads, drive sales and build your brand. We leverage the expertise of the staff at IMM, a data-driven, full-service digital advertising agency based in Boulder, Colorado.

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