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IMM (Ideas Made Measurable) is proud to be certified as a Google Premier Partner!

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June 2022

IMM (Ideas Made Measurable) is proud to be certified as a Google Premier Partner!

Alongside our creative strategy, data-driven solutions, and client-focussed attitude, a Google Premier Partner certification allows our agency to provide the highest quality digital marketing services to our clients across a multitude of industries.

You may be wondering, “what does being a Google Premier Partner mean?”

Great question. Google Premier Partner status is reserved for the top 3% of agencies who are experts in utilizing Google Ads campaigns to obtain proven results for their clients in the areas of business growth, client retention, and increased revenues.

Members of the IMM team have worked diligently to become certified in developing Google Ads across a variety of formats including Branded and Non-branded Search, Display, Video (YouTube), and App Promotion. Additionally, as a Premier Partner, our media buyers have access to resources and workshops related to the latest digital marketing materials, thus ensuring that our skills are fine-tuned regularly as the advertising technology and landscape continues to evolve and expand.

“So how do I, as a client, benefit from my agency having Google Premier Partner status?”

So many ways! As a result of our specialists’ dedication to educating themselves following Google-led trainings, a Premier Partner badge confirms that our agency is one of the most trusted firms by Google to provide coveted results to our clients. IMM’s Premier Partner status affords our agency specialty Consumer Insight Reports and Product Betas that contribute to our ability to design the highest performing Google Ads. Our marketing experts are equipped with a unique set of skills as well as the knowledge and resources to design campaigns that generate increased awareness for our clients and boost overall profitability.

Maintaining our Google Premier Partner status requires a consistent demonstration of the capability to exercise our knowledge to develop successful campaigns for clients, exceed performance benchmarks concerning client retention and acquiring new business, and generally outperform the competition. We are thankful for the privilege and opportunity to continue to be an advocate for our client partners and a trusted agency to Google.

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