Increase your (unbiased) visibility into Facebook Dynamic Product Ads performance


Getting the best performance and tracking for your ad units requires the right platform, but it also needs the right data to optimize your remarketing strategy.

Dynamic remarketing is a key strategy for online brands and can both help reduce cost per conversions by showing the most relevant content to users, as well as stretch out creative dollars further by leveraging product images and pricing in a product feed to make up the ad.

Certain buying platforms have native capabilities to run this type of campaign. Facebook’s competitive solution is Dynamic Product Ads, which supports dynamic remarketing, upselling, cross-selling, and much more.

Limited Tracking Capabilities

As of 7/01/2018, Facebook deprecated the ability to measure impression delivery through a 3rd party.

A server-to-server integration is available for approved partners, but this deprecation means a significantly reduced view into conversion attribution, as 90%+ of total attributed conversions result from view-through conversions.

This leaves marketers with a choice – to either rely solely on Facebook’s direct data reporting to inform optimizations, or to use 3rd party click tags and a mix of cross-device and device fingerprinting technologies to attribute online conversions to Facebook or Instagram.

The first option is not ideal, as Facebook will assume credit for any conversion it has shown an impression to and does not take into account the other paid media that is live.

However, while the second option is more advanced and is considered best practice for multichannel paid media marketers, this option doesn’t work for every ad format.

One place that marketers don’t realize they might be losing 3rd party reporting on is Dynamic Product Ads.

What’s causing the data disconnect?

When a user clicks on a product in a Dynamic Product Ad, it pulls the product landing page from the product feed. This means that for every product clicked, the click tag is bypassed and therefore is not being measured in the 3rd party ad server.

How to unify Dynamic Product Ads data in your data stack

Embed a click tag directly before the product landing pages within a product feed and set it to redirect to the correct product page. Do this by duplicating, customizing, and configuring the client’s product feed.

Parse out click tags down to the granularity of preference (i.e. by product category, by retail apparel gender + category). For product feeds that automatically update based on inventory availability, build a rule to auto-populate click tags into the feed.

The trial and error process can be lengthy, but the results can significantly improve your visibility into the performance of this ad unit against all other paid media executions. In our own research, we were able to prove that platform sales were over-reported by 450%+ and ROAS was over-reported by 750%+.

Questions to consider

Do you have an eCommerce store, but haven’t tried out dynamic solutions such as Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Google Product Listing Ads, or dynamic retargeting in display?

 If you’re using Facebook Dynamic Product Ads today, are your agencies using Facebook’s direct data for eCommerce sales performance or are they tracking performance through an unbiased 3rd party ad server?

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