Nine Statistics That May Change Your Mind About Using Snapchat In Your Restaurant Marketing


Snapchat may be the most popular social platform your restaurant is still not using 

Most restaurant marketers have taken a wait-and-see attitude towards Snapchat. But the platform's rising popularity, especially among Millennials, might make you reconsider. Here are nine reasons it may be time for you to add this social media platform to your media mix.  

1. After just four years, Snapchat now has more active daily users (150 million) than Twitter.

2. Snapchat is already the most popular social platform among teens in the U.S. What you probably have not heard is that Snapchat is gaining popularity among older age groups, too. A recent study found that 50% of new users are over the age of 25.

3. The growth rate among Snapchat users 35 and older is now greater than the penetration among 18-24 year olds.

4. If you count all 13-34-year-old smartphone users in the U.S., more than six in ten are now Snapchatters. 

5. Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos every single day. 

6.  Users 25+ visit Snapchat 12 times a day, but users 25 and under visit 20 times a day! Moreover, the average Snapchat user spends 25-30 minutes a day in the app.

7. Nearly 60% of college students say they would purchase from a brand that sent them a coupon on Snapchat.

8.  In total, 30% of U.S. Millennial internet users access Snapchat regularly. In fact, Snapchat is now ranked the third most popular social app among Millennials behind Facebook and Instagram.

9. Snapchat's projected ad revenue for 2017 is almost $1 billion!

If you're concerned about the lurid stories of how early adopters used Snapchat as a pickup app, relax. In a recent Business Insider survey, most Millennials say that neither they nor their friends have ever used Snapchat for sexting. In fact, the biggest reasons most Millennials who were interviewed use it is because their friends are on it, they think it's the next cool thing, and they like that their parents have not discovered it yet.

And it's not just consumers who are using Snapchat. Restaurant brands that cater to Millennials like Smashburger, Taco Bell, McDonald's and Domino’s Pizza are also communicating with their customers on Snapchat.

If some of America's most popular eateries are on Snapchat, maybe it’s time you considered jumping on the bandwagon…or would it be the Snapwagon?

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