Conquering Big Data


“On their own, our clients might not be able to justify investing in industry-leading analytics technologies. But because our agency can scale the tools across many clients and verticals, we can offer them the advantages of advanced analytics that would normally be out of reach.” - Sean Baker, President of IMM

Cutting out noise

Consumers’ online behavior can change rapidly and unpredictably, which presents a unique challenge for digital marketers. To get the right message to the right person at the right time they must continually monitor responses to online ads, and adapt their marketing strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities. But when you are sending out thousands of ads each day, how can you keep track of and optimize campaign performance across all your different customer segments?

Conquering big data

We use IBM Analytics to extract insight from multiple sources of data, enabling smarter campaigns that raise click-through and conversion rates, and make the best use of clients’ marketing dollars.

We ingest data from our clients, combine it with data-sets from third parties such as ad servers, publishers and attribution vendors, and use our IBM solutions to analyze it on a large scale and at high speed. This enables our analysts and data scientists to extract rapid insights into impressions, click-through rates and conversions for online ads.

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Driving swift reactions

By enabling more dynamic and tailored campaigns, IBM solutions not only help us to deliver significant savings to our clients but also increase in value over time.

We've dramatically reduced the time our analysts spend compiling reports. Gina Lee De Freitas, COO, comments: “Reports that used to take more than 12 person-hours per day to produce are now ready in just 45 minutes. Better still, the process is almost completely automated, which gives our analysts more time to do what they do best—analyze!"

With the ability to track and quantify the impact of our digital marketing campaigns, IMM can fulfill its brand promise of delivering measurable value to clients—and the prospect of leveraging IBM cognitive solutions in the future sets a roadmap for even greater innovation and value in the long-term.

Adam Edelman, Founder and CEO, concludes: “The drive for constant improvement is in IMM’s DNA—every campaign, tactic or strategy needs to offer value that increases over time. Our partnership with IBM plays a central role in enabling us to meet this objective, turning our analytics department into a profit center for the business that offers revolutionary results for clients.”

About Ideas Made Measurable!

At IMM, creating action isn’t just what we do — it’s who we are. Our agency is built to deliver full service capabilities while also delivering measurable results. Big data is the marketing buzzword everyone talks about but few understand. We are here to explain in plain English how data-driven, bottoms-up marketing strategies can help generate leads, drive sales and build your brand. We leverage the expertise of the staff at IMM, a data-driven, full-service digital advertising agency based in Boulder, Colorado.

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