Five UX/UI Design Secrets You Need to Know


Your brand can win or lose a new customer in their first 60 seconds on your website.  Set your brand and site up for success by following these five UX/UI design secrets.   

1. How your website is organized will determines how comfortable your customers feel.

Have you ever walked into a store that is clean, spacious, and well-organized? Immediately, you believe that business cares about its appearance and gives the impression that it’s well-managed, cares about its customers, and offers better products. 

Now think of your website as that physical store we just described. 

User experience design is critical when building both web and mobile applications. To create an effective site, adopt a user-first, brand-second approach.  This will help ensure that, first and foremost, your site will fulfill your key business objectives of generating revenue, traffic, engagement, and trust.

The more complicated your site is and the more choices you offer, the simpler your User Interface (UI) must be. Instead of jamming in too many items into your top-level navigation, layer the information.

2. When shopping online, speed is more important than style.

Research confirms that your online customers consider speed one of the most important facets of their online shopping experience. Think about it. If you visit a website that loads quickly, you notice it right away. Everything feels different when the website moves as fast as you want to buy. Not only can you get to the information you want quicker, but you’re less likely to abandon your shopping cart and to complete your transaction.

That’s not just our opinion. According to a survey by Akamai, nearly half of all web users expect a site to load in two seconds or less, and they often abandon a site that isn’t loaded within three seconds. Furthermore, 79% of online shoppers who complain about the performance of a website say they won’t return to the site to buy again. If your website is slow, look out. Almost 45% of online shoppers say they would tell a friend if they had a poor online shopping experience. One second may not seem like a big deal, but it can mean thousands of dollars in lost sales for your business every day.

3. Smart UI decisions can build trust and loyalty.

In the context of eCommerce, prominently displaying reviews are an easy way to build trust. You can also position logos of top brands you work with, and feature either photo or video testimonials of customers.

4. Provide an awesome search capability.

It’s amazing how many brands ignore the importance of on-site search. Many websites provide a run-of-the-mill, default on-site search engine that makes it difficult for their customers to find anything. Invest time and money into providing an excellent search experience, and your customers who can find exactly what they’re looking for will reward you with sales, return visits and positive online reviews.  

5. Tell your users what’s important

Finally, don’t make your users guess about anything when they look for products on your site.  Define every product and service you offer as a unique user experience. Build empathy with shoppers by removing potential pain points. Understand what their problems are and determine how to best solve them from the moment they enter your site.

Design matters. Every pixel, every picture and every word contribute to the overall experience you create for your online customers. A good website design and experience signals to your customers that you are a solid company that does not cut corners. 

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