Alejandro Jauregui


Callie Phelps

Associate Director, Content & Communications

Dwight Muhlbradt

Director, Client Partnerships

Elijah Schroeder

Art Director

Emily Lynch

Senior Partnership Executive

Fred Askham

Director Of Analytics

Hailey Mathieson

Manager, SEO Performance

Henry Robinson

Associate Manager, Media Performance

Jay Holland

Director, Web Development

Kaitlin Olson

UI/UX Designer

Karlin McGinness

Associate Media Director

Kayli Westergard

Media Coordinator

Keith Schneider

Data Scientist

Kristen Rutherford


Marion Assaf-Robert

SEO Manager

Megan Ecker


Morgan Hoog

Content Marketing Coordinator

Ray Curry

Client Data Analyst

Seth Muller

Front End Developer

Stephanie Libby

Associate Project Manager

Zac Young

Senior Manager, Media Performance

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