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I and Love and You

I and Love and You

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The Ask

A website that can capitalize on growth spurts

Meet I and Love and You. A pet food company dedicated to strengthening the bond between humans and pets and believes the best love is feeding the very best foods. With plans to increase acquisition and ramp media spend, I and Love and You came to us to revamp their website to prime conversions.

The Challenge

Replatforming for future growth

Massive replatforming comes with a host of challenges. I and Love and You required an integrated and flexible CMS solution that would increase internal efficiencies and support the needs of this small but mighty growing brand.

The Solve

Connected Content

Strategy and UX got to work interviewing potential consumers to gain a firm grasp of what they were looking for when researching pet food options. From there, we built out user flows, an initial sitemap and prototypes of key pages that captured the best user experience.

Integrated Media

By centralizing media spend around geographic areas where I and Love and You had the best grocery store distribution, the brand was able to increase their awareness through several channels including hyper-targeted CTV placements.

Analytical Insights

IMM teamed up with Amazon Analytics to measure indirect sales from paid media. This was a first of its kind partnership that has led to continued learnings about spend and attribution allowing the brand to optimize quickly for maximum return on ad spend.

The Outcome

Happy pets, even happier clients

Metrics make everyone giddy. After the launch of the new site, search conversions increased by 200% while spend dropped 33%. For display, over a four month stretch after launch, there was an overall decrease in CPA by 26% and a 40% increase in web conversions with only a 4% increase in ad spend. CTV buys lessened the number of touchpoints required to drive online sales, which cut media costs by 20% overall.

Search conversion


Web conversions


Media costs