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Revolutionizing the insurance industry

The Ask

Launch a new name in insurance that breaks the mold

Traditionally employers insurance, especially worker’s compensation, is wrought with agents that tend to complicate the process. Our client wanted to create a direct line to small businesses that leaned into the “gig” economy. This new brand had to take shape in the digital, mobile-first world we live in.

The Challenge

Building credibility for an insurance company without agents

Our clients had a vision, and we knew they needed more than creative assets and a media plan to make their mark. We crafted a go-to-market strategy that outlined clear customer journeys so Cerity could enter the insurance scene as a thought-leader and trusted partner in the worker’s compensation space.

The Solve

Analytical Insights

Our team pinpointed market trends that prompted further qualitative exploration. We conducted several interviews with small business owners to identify motivators and emotions around worker’s comp. From there, we built customer personas and journey maps that created a foundation to deliver on the ideal customer experience.

Connected Content

After digging into the market landscape and hours of exhaustive research to uncover customer goals and competitive analysis, we extracted key elements to construct the core brand platform and visual identity. The result? A new brand, thorough creative guidelines and a messaging narrative that fulfilled our client’s goals.

Integrated Media

Our analysis of how business owners think inspired the media plan. Through a mix of owned and earned media powered by PR, CRM and social media strategies, we leveled up Cerity’s brand awareness. We didn’t wait to capitalize on the industry’s interest, which meant we fast-followed with paid media to expand our reach among small business owners.

Client Experience

Built on trust and lots of collaboration, our entire relationship with Cerity helped them stand on their own after brand launch. They modeled their internal UX and development teams after ours, which has allowed them to grow exponentially.

The Outcome

Above and beyond a brand launch

Since its inception in January 2019, Cerity has expanded into six additional industries. After kudos hit pubs like Small Biz Daily and NASDAQ praising Cerity’s worker’s compensation product, it’s no wonder their dot com saw 30K+ qualified site visitors over 2.5 month period resulting in 500 quotes.

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