A financial institution in need of a digital transformation

The Ask

Steer a traditional media plan into the 21st century

To date, IBERIABANK had relied solely on more traditional advertising channels to reach first-time home buyers looking for a mortgage loan. With the competition breathing down their neck, IBERIABANK engaged IMM to help them show up in the right digital media channels at the right time to increase loan applications and their bottom line.

The Challenge

Measuring success one media effort at a time

Connecting the dots between media placement and mortgage loan applications is not as easy as one might think. We had to pull back the curtain and get to work untangling IBERIABANK’S complex tracking ecosystem and connecting several disparate financial systems to create a direct line of sight into exactly how their media dollars were performing.

The Solve

Analytical Insights

Through concentrated collaboration, IBERIABANK and our Analytical Insights team forged a tracking model that directly tied digital media activity down to the impression and online loan application submissions. This granular tracking meant we were able to identify the individual media placements that successfully drove applications and allowed us to optimize for tactics delivering downstream success.

Integrated Media

Our digital media team completed research and analysis around the first time home buyer, digging into their motivators and the emotions surrounding this life stage. From there, we built an exclusive media plan for IBERIABANK’S mortgage campaign based audience personas. We leveraged social media and display channels to drive reach and consideration, as well as paid search to capture the interest generated by upper funnel tactics.

The Outcome

A year worth boasting about

Last year, our media strategy and analytics expertise drove 1000+ digital loan applications, close to 200 new accounts and a total account balance over $50 MM. The CPA netted out to be $1285 per account. These hard numbers prove that with the right digital media in place IBERIABANK can stay one step ahead of the competition in the crowded mortgage loan banking space.

Loan applications


New accounts