You should sit down for this.

The Ask

Launch a product with presence

A sustainable furniture company from New Zealand needed counsel launching a new direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand in an overcrowded US furniture market. We got to work on noho’s best go-to-market position.

The challenge

Convincing consumers that plastic has purpose

Not only was noho unknown in the States, they were looking to launch during a global pandemic. Plus, helping them stand out among other furniture companies with huge advertising budgets demanded a deep dive into the market to help them meaningfully connect to their target.

The Solve

Connected Content

We centered our launch campaign around core audience personas that tied directly to core product features. In parallel, our UX and design teams developed a DTC site that provided consumers critical brand and product information through best practice content hierarchy and user flows that led to conversion.

Analytical Insights

Our launch strategy included conducting a thorough market analysis to glean knowledge into audiences to better understand what they valued, what motivates them and how they spend their time. As a full-circle partner, we consistently ran a ‘test and learn’ strategy, uncovered new audience insights allowing data to direct ongoing strategy.

Integrated Media

To establish brand awareness across social, we engaged Instagram influencers to engage key audience groups. And by white-listing influencer posts, we maximized ad dollars to increase reach, establish social proof and credibility to grow customer acquisition. All the while, our SEO and digital media teams were working to ensure our new site was getting in front of our niche audience groups.

The Outcome

A well-earned seat at the furniture market table

Our cross-team collaboration ensured a highly successful campaign launch. We helped noho reach ROAS positivity after only 2 weeks while our influencer campaign brought 2,200 qualified users to the new site in under two months. In noho’s first year, active media drove 32% of total conversions, served 18M impressions and achieved a ROAS of $2.81.

Clicks to Site


Impressions Served




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