Flipping the switch on a new brand

The Ask

Unifying six companies under one roof

Six home energy management companies embarked on an ambitious mergers & acquisition strategy to become the most comprehensive solution for utility companies. As the deal was being inked, leadership tapped us to launch a new brand identity and website.

The Challenge

Time wasn’t on our side

Unveiling a new brand and a new website combining six vastly different companies takes time that we didn’t necessarily have as the launch date was already set. To speed up the process, we invited our client to physically join our team for intensive, daily collaborations that unfolded over the course of a month.

The Solve

Client Experience

Integrating client teams into agency teams isn’t always so easy. Yet, our Client Experience directors, supervisors and coordinators paved the way for seamless workflows and efficient communication all while building the trust needed to execute on such a short timeframe.

Connected Content

Several work streams came together over four weeks. Leading with discovery, we conducted research sessions, naming rounds and design iterations to shape the new name and logo. With an established visual center, we unleashed our UX wireframing and information architecture process to position this new brand in digital as a credible, industry leader.

The Outcome

All eyes on Uplight

After the brand launch, the world took serious notice. Because Uplight serves approximately 75 North American utility companies with a combined reach of 100 million customers, it’s no wonder their announcement garnered such positive PR in the energy industry. Plus, the new brand launch sparked a jolt of excitement for internal employees inside all six companies.

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