Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada

Cracking open media channels for an original craft beer

The Ask

Digital media? Where to start?

Historically, Sierra Nevada beer literally sold itself. They didn’t spend their first media dollar until 2017. It was high time Sierra Nevada rethought their existing approach which included 75% invested in traditional media, while digital accounted for the rest. In an overcrowded craft beer market, Sierra Nevada had to shift dollars in favor of digital to win.

The challenge

Does digital media increase beer sales?

After a few years investing in media on their own, Sierra Nevada was unsure how to best measure and manage it for their tastiest return. Now that they had committed to a digital-first approach, it was imperative to assess performance and overall success for future optimization and customer acquisition.

The Solve

Connected Content

As one of the original craft beers to ever hit shelves, Sierra Nevada’s native content had to have a genuine and authentic flavor, just like their original craft recipe. Ensuring their brand narrative never interrupted consumers and added entertainment value kept Sierra Nevada top of mind and therefore part of the consideration set.

Integrated Media

Our media approach heavied up in areas of native content, paid social and online video to ensure that Sierra Nevada was always exchanging value for the customer’s time. It’s all about increasing the likelihood consumers will grab a six-pack the next time they’re at the store.

Analytical Insights

We never hesitate when it comes to proving that our media is working. Our analytical insights team created custom reporting to track back to barrels distributed and sold. Direct collaboration with the Sierra Nevada’s business and finance analysts aligned methods for true reporting accuracy and future success.

The Outcome

Cheers to immediate sales lifts

In the first year, Sierra Nevada saw a 165% sales increase in markets where we focused our media strategy. Plus, the brand experienced a 77% boost in awareness after leveraging a digital-first media strategy.



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