Wild Planet Foods

Wild Planet Foods

Creating a force for good

The Ask

Build a website that lives and breathes the brand’s mission

As the original sustainable canned seafood company, Wild Planet Foods works to protect the future of our oceans through eco-friendly fishing practices. Wild Planet Foods came to us knowing their website didn’t reflect their true passion and overlooked opportunities to engage consumers in a way that increased their ecommerce and direct-to-consumer business.

The Challenge

The dot com is the new storefront

The pandemic has changed buying behaviors forever. To compete with mainstream canned seafood, Wild Planet Foods invested in modernizing their website to support a mobile user experience, while upping their direct-to-consumer e-commerce game. We jumped at the chance to bring this forward-thinking company into the future with our digital-first marketing approach.

The Solve

Client Experience

As Wild Planet Foods embarked on their digital transformation, they looked to our Client Experience team to coach them through this business-defining shift. Through our high-touch client management approach, we established KPIs based on media channels and tactics while helping their marketing team develop a better understanding of their consumer, the competition and the entire canned seafood category.

Connected Content

We activated our content team to ground us in the business objectives the website had to solve. From there, our UX and UI minds got to work creating detailed sitemaps, wireframes, interactive prototypes while working in tandem with our dev teams to deliver both mobile and desktop responsive designs. Our tight-knit client partnership resulted in successful design and copy development that reflected Wild Planet’s deep commitment to preserving ocean life.

Integrated Media

To keep the online shopping behavior momentum going, we lit up digital marketing with an omni-channel approach that included driving traffic to the new site. We narrowed in on three powerhouse sales tactics, which included direct-to-consumer, Amazon and in-store brick and mortar sales.

Analytical Insights

Understanding channel effectiveness is a key element to deciphering household penetration. The Analytics Insights team has proactively set up our proprietary incrementality tracking system and Active Brand Lift to gain visibility into what best drives brand awareness. Tracking media results across ad serving platforms continues to ensure we’re optimizing based on performance.

The Outcome

A positive impact on cause and commerce

Modernizing the Wild Planet Foods website has increased site speed by 50%, expanded the number of daily users by 25% and their average session stay by 16%. The new site rollout has also provided product launch flexibility for our client with its templated page design. Media results are in, showing a 22+% increase in ROAS and a decrease in CPA by 27% compared to 2020 metrics.

Site speed


Daily users