Case Study

Chili’s Sing Baby Back Ribs

Celebrating the anniversary of an icon.

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Project Details

Chili's had a dream. For their 40th birthday, Chili's asked us to recreate the iconic Baby Back Ribs jingle in a way that was relevant to modern audiences. Our target? A Millennial generation that hadn’t even been born when the legendary TV spot first aired.

Project Summary

Recreating the jingle that made Chili’s ribs famous.

It wasn’t enough for us just to record a new interpretation of the jingle. (Fat Bastard has already got that covered!) Instead, we wanted to get all of America to sing along with us. So we helped develop a campaign that combined documentary production, music direction, influencer marketing and social media to create two great videos – and a lot of social content along the way.

chilis babyback people

We started by traversing New Orleans and Dallas to ask professional street musicians to record spontaneous versions. We had a music director to keep them on tempo. But other than that, they were encouraged to create their own unique style. We threaded the clips together into a rousing video and ended with a call-to-action that showed viewers where they could share their own version.

We tapped several YouTube influencers to make sure we got the ball rolling. And ran the video through TrueView to earn well over a million views. Within a couple weeks, we had more than a hundred submissions. We re-edited those submissions into an all-new piece of user-generated content, which today has nearly two million views of its own.

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