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Famous Footwear Digital Video

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Project Details

Famous Footwear offers several benefits: low prices, convenience, major brands, a strong loyalty program. These benefits, however, don’t resonate as a primary driver of consideration for millennial women, who want to understand a brand’s values and have a shopping “experience” with brands that they “feel connected to.”  While Famous Footwear has always been about family, there was an opportunity to align values by sharing our understanding of what it takes to run a modern family.  

Project Summary

Serving-up the right fit for millions of millennial moms.

As families, we typically champion life’s big moments. Things like first birthdays, summer vacations and graduations. We believe that while those are special, it’s actually the everyday conversations, play and even mistakes that make family worth celebrating. So IMM concepted dozens of relatable and authentic “magic moments” to help encourage parents to identify and embrace the truly important things in life.  Some moments were humorous.  And some were touching.  But they all featured shoes in a way that never felt forced. In fact, the product practically became part of the family.

To make this campaign as efficient and successful as possible, at the outset we developed a strategic content framework flexible enough to build brand awareness while also delivering the right content in the moments that matter.

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Our team ran an extremely efficient five-day shoot, in six locations with over 35 talent (including puppies) to produce 17 broadcast-quality videos - enough to support our robust digital content plan to allow Famous Footwear to be “always on”. While all videos were created to drive brand awareness and align values, a majority of our content was crafted to reach very specific variations of our target audience.  

Through segmentation, targeting and retargeting, we were able to determine and serve the most appropriate piece of content to potential customers which reflected the most relevant the family situation and accompanying Famous Footwear product in real-time.


The campaign reduced Famous Footwear’s cost-per-spot by approximately 75%, compared to their previous efforts. And it gave them enough high-quality and consistent brand content to support paid, earned and owned channels.  And while we can’t share detailed campaign results, IMM was able measurably move the needle through retargeting the right content to the right customers, measuring views, and then optimizing to the most effective videos to increase brand affinity and improve sales.

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