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Project Details

Every day, thousands of cars break down. And when you are stuck in that compromising situation, the last thing you want to worry about is being taken advantage of.  Most people just don’t trust the guy who works on their car. NTB told us they’d embraced a new position, “Just what you need,” including a broad operations revamp that moved away from upselling and toward transparent customer relationships. So we created multiple pieces of content that give a peek into a day in the life of the nation’s roads and the people at NTB who will honestly give you only what you need.

Project Summary

A video campaign driven by honesty

The idea came to us on our commute. The whole road system would collapse if someone wasn’t out there helping motorists, keeping things moving. People say they don’t trust the person who fixes their car, but if they’re broken down somewhere, that guy is suddenly their knight in shining armor!

We sent a documentary crew out to film a day in the life of America’s roads, and share the stories of the real NTB employees who keep them moving. We found out NTB employees are real people. And pretty special ones at that.  The shoot took place in the midst of brutal rush-hour traffic in cities like Atlanta. The team created a nine-minute documentary, four 30-second spots and four 60-second stories.

The videos earned more than 1,000,000 organic YouTube views at a media value of $132,000. NTB saw increased awareness and intent-to-visit scores within the brand tracker.  Additionally, they recognized the emotional impact of the assets. The videos were seen as a rallying cry and proof that months of retraining were paying off.

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