Case Study

On The Border Signature Items

Videos as hand-crafted as the food itself.

otb food hero

Project Details

To demonstrate the care and attention that On The Border puts into their food and cocktails, we created a series of videos to showcase their stories. Mindful of a modest budget, we found production efficiencies and tactics to bring actual meaning into words like “fresh” and “original” that are so commonly used in restaurant messaging.

Project Summary

There’s more to originality than fresh limes.

How do you demonstrate the quality of signature menu items when production budgets are tight? We chose to focus on the food and support it with a treatment reflective of the hand-crafted, border-style experience. This was accomplished by emulating traditional typographic processes (such as letterpress and brush lettering) for the digital space. The artisanal type, close-up photography and confident announcer achieved a look and feel as delicious as what we were selling. This series of social campaign videos became the standard for how key products were presented online to customers.

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